Great News! Government Critic Released!


Andrés Carrión Álvarez was released from prison on 13 April to await trial on a charge of “public disorder” (desórdenes públicos) for shouting “freedom” and “down with communism” before an open air mass given by Pope Benedict XVI on 26 March. 
Three days later, on 16 April, he was rearrested along with Anyer Antonio Blanco Rodríguez, a fellow member of the umbrella group of dissident organizations Patriotic Union of Cuba (Union Patriótica de Cuba, UNPACU) as they were talking in a park in the centre of the city of Santiago de Cuba. Andrés Carrión Álvarez was charged with another count of “public disorder” before being released five hours later. Anyer Antonio Blanco Rodríguez was held for five days, and then released without charge. 
As part of the conditions of his release, Andrés Carrión Álvarez must report to a police station once a week, is not allowed to leave his home municipality of Santiago de Cuba without prior authorization and must not to associate with anyone deemed by the authorities to be a government critic.