Great News! Forced Eviction Halted

The planned demolition of the Railway Quarter in Port Harcourt was halted by the state authorities after pressure from the community, local NGOs and Amnesty International.

The demolition of the Railway Quarter in Port Harcourt that was expected to take place on 13 February was halted by the Rivers State authorities. In the morning the community mobilized, and all were asked to stay home and join in the protest. It began with people singing and dancing, waving Amnesty International posters and holding placards with various messages in front of the buildings that had been demolished.

At a meeting with the Commissioner of Urban Development, the Amnesty International delegates were told that the demolition would be temporarily halted so as to give the Rivers State government time to fully understand the notion of permits being given by the National Railway Corporation (NRC), who are the original landlords of the community. The Amnesty International delegates were also told that the Governor has to approve the halt.

Hundreds of people had been facing the risk of forced eviction from their homes.