Great News! Five Sudanese Activists Relseased (UA 123/11)

Five Sudanese activists released

On 17 August, Darfuri activist Shakir Abdelrahman Adam, who was arrested in connection to protests at Nyala University, Sudan, was released without charge after a court ruled that he had been wrongfully arrested.

On 20 April around 100 people were arrested following demonstrations at Nyala University, Nyala, capital of South Darfur state in Sudan. Over 30 people were subsequently charged, and many were detained. Amongst those detained was Shakir Abdelrahman Adam, who has a severe stomach ulcer, and suffered from ill-health. He was reportedly tortured in detention, but was released without charge on 17 August. He had been arrested with four other students: Habieb Yahya Abdellah, Abdelraziq Mohamed Omar, Saeed Adam Abdelrahim Abdellah, Mohamed Abdalla (also known as Mohamed Ali Clay), who were also released without charge in June.

On 20 April, students and activists took part in demonstrations at Nyala University. Security forces surrounded the university and arrested around 100 people. The students and activists were demonstrating against the poor living conditions and insecurity in Darfur as well as for accountability for human rights violations committed in Darfur.

Similar protests took place in other places in Sudan including Zalingei, in West Darfur, Wad Medani in east-central Sudan, and Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, where there are large numbers of Darfuri residents. Arrests have been reported during most of the protests, and people in Zalingei, West Darfur, were taken to hospital after allegedly being injured by the police.

No further action is required for Shakir Abdelrahman Adam, Habieb Yahya Abdellah, Abdelraziq Mohamed Omar, Saeed Adam Abdelrahim Abdellah, and Mohamed Abdalla (also known as Mohamed Ali Clay). Many thanks to those who sent appeals on their case. "