Great News! Evicted Families Offered Compensation!


More than 600 people forcibly evicted from their homes in Sabbangali, N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, have been offered compensation and allocated plots of land to rebuild their houses in another area of N’Djamena.
The forced eviction of 670 people took place on 24 January 2012. Homes and a school were destroyed to make way for the construction of a new hotel.
In March 2012, the Chadian minister of land informed an Amnesty International delegation on mission in N’Djamena that a commission has been set up to find a solution for the people forcibly evicted from Sabbangali. The delegation was told they were going to receive money and land to build their houses in another area of N’Djamena. This was confirmed by some of the victims of the forced eviction that Amnesty International delegates met afterwards.