Good News! – Prisoner Of Conscience Received Medical Care (Venezuela: 20/16)

Venezuelan Prisoner of Conscience Rosmit Mantilla was finally given the urgent medical attention he needed.
Rosmit Mantilla's mother informed to Amnesty International that Rosmit was operated at a hospital of his choice on Sunday, 13 November morning. The surgery was successful and he is recovering well. However, his pancreas was compromised for the delays on getting the medical attention he needed and will require further attention to completely restore his health.
Rosmit Mantilla sent words of deep appreciation to Amnesty International for the actions taken on his behalf and he and his family are hopeful that he will be released from prison soon.
While Amnesty International welcomes the outcome of the surgery, the fact remains that Rosmit Mantilla should never have been arrested and imprisoned in the first place and will keep its campaign looking for his release.
Thank you to all those who sent actions. No further action is requested from the UA Network.
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