Death Row Inmate Granted Clemency in Ohio (UA 30/09)

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland granted clemency to Jeffrey Hill on 12 February. He had been due to be executed on 3 March. Jeffrey Hill was sentenced to death in 1992 for the murder of hi mother, Emma Hill, in 1991.

In a statment issued on 12 February, Governor Strickland said that, based on his review of the case, including judicial decisions, arguments for and against clemency, and letters and petitions received in the Governor’s office, “I concur with the rationale and recommendation of the Ohio Parole Board and have, therefore, decided to commute Mr. Hill’s sentece to a term of from 25 years to life.” Jeffrey Hill will be eligible for parole in 2017.

Responding to the clemency decision, Emma Hill’s younger brother said: “Our family’s prayers have finally been answered, and we are so grateful to Governor Strickland, the parole board, and all of Jeffrey’s supporters for giving him a second chance at life. The Governor’s actions today not only respect our wishes, but they also honor the memory of my beloved sister and Jeffrey’s mother, Emma Dee Hill, who believed in the power of redemption and the value of all life.”