Conscientious Objector Allowed to Remain in Canada (UA 22/09)

Dean Walcott has been allowed to stay in Canada until the country's Federal Court decides whether or not to review his case. It is not yet known when this will be decided. He had been due to be deported to the uSA on 30 January. If deported to the USA, he risks being court-martialed and imprisoned for between for between one and five years and would therefore be a prisoner of conscience. Dean Walcott is seeking refugee status on a number of grounds, including that if returned to his unit in the USA, he would risk being subjected to hazing and other non-judicial punishment. Whilst in Canada, Dean Walcott has spoken out about his objection to the armed conflict in Iraq, and has become a member of a Canadian organization, the War Resisters Support Campaign, which works to lobby the Canadian government to offer sanctuary to US military personnel who go to Canada because of their opposition to the armed conflict in Iraq.