Amputation Sentences Commuted!

Barzan bin Raheel al-Shammari, Amer bin Eid al-Jarba', Muhammad bin Ali al-Shammari, Muhammad bin Dhiyab Maddhi, Abdullah bin Dhiyab Maddhi and Bandar bin Abbas al-As'adi, all aged between 22 and around 30 and from Bedouin tribes, were arrested in October 2010 in the capital, Riyadh. They were accused of "highway robbery" and were transferred to Malaz prison. All of them say they were beaten and forced to confess to the charges against them.

Amer bin Eid al-Jarba' was reported to have been beaten for eight days and told that if he did not confess, his three brothers would be arrested. It appears that he signed a confession without knowing its contents and, afterwards, was placed in solitary confinement for 33 days.

All six were tried before the General Court in Riyadh with no legal assistance or representation and were sentenced in March to "cross amputation" of their right hands and left feet for "highway robbery". A court of appeal was reported to have upheld the verdict in October and the Supreme Court to have confirmed it in late December 2011.

It is reported that the King commuted their sentences to 20 years' imprisonment. They are also expected to serve a further two years' imprisonment on another charge in relation to the same case. Amnesty International received a message of thanks from a relative of one of the men for all the work undertaken and the appeals sent on behalf of the six men.

Final update to Urgent Action 363/12.


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