115 Members of Congress Sign Letter Condemning Violence against Women in Guatemala

On Wednesday May 10, 2006 the Congressional Dear Colleague letter initiated by California Representatives Barbara Lee, Tom Lantos and Hilda Solis addressing Violence Against Women in Guatemala was closed with 115 co-signers. Thanks to all of you who took action to make this possible!

The Dear Colleague letter was sent to Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Thomas A. Shannon urging his public support for the protection of women and human rights defenders. According to the letter, the Guatemalan National Civilian Police have reported that the number of women who were murdered in 2005 represented a 110 percent increase from the number reported in 2002. In comparison the number of men who were murdered in the same period of time rose by 41 percent.

The letter also called for the Assistant Secretary of State to support the implementation of the National Plan for the Prevention and Eradication of Domestic and Intrafamilial Violence, provide assistance for data collection on crimes against women, and bring assailants to justice.