March 11, 2016

Venezuela: Establish Whereabouts of Remaining Miners (UA 53/16)

The bodies of seventeen informal gold miners reported as missing were found by the authorities. The whereabouts of at least four other missing people are still unknown. 
1) Please write immediately in Spanish or your own language:
  • Urging the authorities to take all effective measures available in order to establish the whereabouts of all the remaining people reported missing in the town of Tumeremo; 
  • Urging the Attorney General to carry out a full, prompt and impartial investigation into the events to ensure full identification of recovered bodies and to bring all those responsible to justice; 
  • Urging the Attorney General to establish a mechanism for safe denounces of missing people in Bolivar State and to ensure full, prompt and impartial investigations on all of them;
  • Urging the authorities to allow the press to work without restrictions in Tumeremo area.
  • Calling on authorities to ensure the protection of those who survived the reported attack, the relatives of those reported missing and journalist covering the news, according to their wishes. 
2) For the full Urgent Action, including appeal addresses and further information, please click on the Word or PDF version below.
3) Please let us know if you took action so that we can track our impact!
  • EITHER send a short email to [email protected] with “UA 53/16” in the subject line, and include in the body of the email the number of letters and/or emails you sent,
  • OR fill out this short online form to let us know how you took action.