May 23, 2017

Urgent Action Victory! Community Leader Freed After Charges Dropped (Togo: UA 104.17)


Salomée T. Abalodo, farmer and community leader, has been released after the Tribunal of Pagouda (Kara, northern region of Togo) dropped all charges against her. 

Salomée T. Abalodo, community leader, farmer and mother of two children, was released on 12 May after almost one month in prison. She was released immediately after the Tribunal of Pagouda (Kara, northern region of Togo) dropped all charges against her. She had been charged with ‘rebellion’ and ‘participation in an unauthorised protest’ on 13 April.

Salomée T. Abalodo was arrested by gendarmes in Pagouda district on 13 April after a meeting at the prefect’s (a local official) office. Salomée T. Abalodo went to the prefect’s office, where she met with his assistant, to ask that security forces cease using excessive force against demonstrators. During the meeting, she showed the prefect’s assistant photos and videos she had taken with her phone at the hospital of those wounded after security forces used excessive force on a group of protesters.

Six other people who had been detained in relation to the peaceful protest in Pagouda were sentenced to three months in prison of which two are suspended, and a fine of 50 000 FCFA (85 US dollars). They have been released.

After her release, Salomée T. Abalodo met with Amnesty International and said, “I am very glad for Amnesty International actions to call for my release. I thank Amnesty for contributing to my release. I would like to join Amnesty to be even more useful to my community.’’

No further action is requested of the UA network. Many thanks to those who sent appeals.