April 20, 2016

Urgent Action Update: Prisoner In Solitary Confinement On Hunger Strike (Egypt: UA 91/16)

Ahmed Amin Ghazali Amin has been on hunger strike since 9 March, in protest against his solitary confinement, which he has been held in since May 2016, when he was sentenced to death by a Military Court. An appeal hearing is still due to be set. If rejected, he could be executed at any time.
Write a letter, send an email, call, fax or tweet:
  • Calling on the Egyptian authorities to retry all those convicted in the case before an ordinary, civilian court, without recourse to the death penalty, and in proceedings that respect international fair trial standards and exclude “confessions” and other evidence obtained through torture and other ill-treatment;
  • Calling on them to end Ahmed Amin Ghazali Amin’s solitary confinement, ensuring he is held in humane conditions and protected from torture and other ill-treatment, and granted access to adequate medical care.
  • Urging them to establish an official moratorium on executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty.
Contact these two officials by 28 April, 2017:
Minister of Interior
Minister Magdy Abde el-Ghaffar
Ministry of Interior
Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt
F: +202 2794 5529
Salutation: Your Excellency
Ambassador Yasser Reda, Embassy of Egypt
3521 International Ct NW, Washington DC 20008
Fax: 202 244 4319  -OR-  202 244 5131
Phone: 202 895 5400
Salutation: Dear Ambassador
Here's why it is so important to report your actions: we record the number and types of actions taken—letters, emails, calls and tweets—on each case and use that information in our advocacy. 
Either email [email protected] with “UA 91/16” in the subject line or click this link.
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