Urgent Action Update: Opposition Leader At Risk of Torture (Cuba: UA 134.19)

José Daniel Ferrer García, Cuban opposition leader and former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, has been in detention for 40 days, since Oct 1, for reasons still unknown. As far as we can ascertain, he has not been informed of the charges against him or brought before a judge. In addition, recent alarming reports suggest he may have been tortured or ill-treated while in detention, something Amnesty International has not been able to independently verify in a context where lawyers and the judiciary are largely controlled by the Executive. Mass mobilization is needed to ensure that the Cuban government presents charges against him or releases him, and refrains from potentially taking actions that may amount to ill-treatment against him.



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Miguel Díaz-Canel
President of the Republic of Cuba
Hidalgo, Esquina 6. Plaza de la Revolución
La Habana, CP 10400
Email: [email protected]

Ambassador José Ramón Cabañas
Embassy of Cuba
2630 16th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20009
Tel: 202 797 8515 I Fax: 202 797 8521
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Twitter: @EmbaCubaUS @JoseRCabanas
Salutation: Dear Ambassador

Dear President Díaz-Canel,

I write to you to condemn the detention of Mr. José Daniel Ferrer García, leader of the unofficial political opposition group “Patriotic Union of Cuba” (Unión Patriótica de Cuba – UNPACU), detained without charge and with limited access to the outside world and his family since 1 October 2019.

I also express my deep concern regarding recent alarming reports that suggest he may have been ill-treated while in detention. According to international law standards, Cuba not only has a duty to prevent torture and ill-treatment but must also ensure that a prompt and impartial investigation is conducted in light of reports or allegations such as this.

I therefore demand that your administration immediately informs José Daniel Ferrer García of the reasons for his detention or otherwise release him; ensures he has immediate access to a lawyer of his choosing and can communicate with his family; ensures he has immediate access to a medical examination, by an independent doctor or medical service of his choosing, consistent with the Istanbul Protocol; ensures that a prompt and impartial investigation is conducted regarding allegations of torture and ill-treatment against José Daniel Ferrer García; ensures that José Daniel Ferrer García and his family are free of reprisals or harassment.

Yours sincerely,


Because you ❤️ human rights