• Urgent Action


March 22, 2024

Nahuel Morandini, Roque Villegas, and Lucía González are prosecuted only for expressing opinions about a public figure on social media. Morandini and Villegas were imprisoned for 54 days and still face a trial for posting on X and Facebook, while charges against González are based on a comment she made in a private WhatsApp group. We demand the charges against all of them to be dropped.

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contact information:

Note: There is no postal address for this target

Mr. Walter Rondóns. General Attorney Diana Salazar Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor’s Office

Providence of Jujuy

Email: [email protected]

Embassy of Argentina in the United States

Ambassador Jorge Argüellos

1600 New Hampshire Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20009

Email:  [email protected]

sample Letter:

Dear Mr. Prosecutor, 

I am writing to express my deep concern about the criminal charges brought against Nahuel Morandini, Roque Villegas, and Lucía González for expressing opinions about a Jujuy’s former First Lady. I am concerned that the only evidence against them is their posts on social media or private messaging platforms.

International Human Rights Law protects the right to freedom of expression, including opinions that may be regarded as shocking, offensive, or disturbing. The UN Human Rights Committee has further clarified that public officials should tolerate more criticism and that the mere fact that forms of expression may be insulting to a public figure is not sufficient to justify the imposition of penalties.

Despite the provisional release of Morandini and Villegas and the fact that recently, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Court ruled that the arrest warrant for González should be repealed, I am still concerned that the prosecution against all of them is ongoing. Moreover, the disciplinary conduct imposed on Morandini and Villegas in pending trial, requiring them to refrain from commenting on the case or the complainants, appears to be an additional excessive and disproportionate restriction.

I respectfully remind you that, under international law, regional and local authorities are equally obliged to comply with Argentina’s human rights obligations. Criminal charges restricting the right to freedom of expression can have a disproportionate impact and a wider chilling effect across society. Given the international obligations of the Argentine State to respect, protect, and guarantee human rights, including the right to freedom of expression, I call on you to drop the charges against Nahuel Morandini, Roque Villegas and Lucía González as they stem solely from their peaceful exercise of the right to freedom of expression. 

Yours sincerely,