• Urgent Action


April 17, 2024

On January 16, police raided the homes of 11 journalists known for their past and current involvement with “Ayt Ayt Dese” and “Temirov LIVE”, two independent media projects that have investigated allegations of corruption in Kyrgyzstan. They include Makhabat Tazhibek-kyzy, the head of “Temirov LIVE” and Aike Beishekeeva, a 23-year-old factchecker. All 11 were detained for questioning as part of a criminal investigation into alleged “calls for active disobedience […] and for mass riots, as well as calls for violence against citizens” stemming from a video published on social media. They are now formally charged, placed in pre-trial detention, and face up to 10 years in prison. Between March 12 and April 9, six of the journalists were moved from pre-trial detention to house arrest and one was released under supervision, but charges against them were not dropped. Makhabat and Aike and two other journalists remain in custody.

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contact information:

Sadyr Japarov

President of Kyrgyzstan

Presidential Administration of the Kyrgyz Republic

207 Abdumomunov Street

720003, Bishkek

Kyrgyz Republic

Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in the United States

Ambassador Baktybek Amanbaev

2360 Massachusetts Avenue,

NW, Washington DC 20008

Email: [email protected]

sample letter:

Dear Mr. President,

I am concerned over the arbitrary detention and criminal prosecution of Makhabat Tazhibek-kyzy, Aike Beishekeeva, and nine other journalists and media workers associated with “Ayt Ayt Dese” and Temirov LIVE projects. 

They are facing the criminal charges of “calling for active disobedience and mass riots, as well as calls for violence against citizens” based on a video published on social media. The journalists deny the charges. I am concerned that the charges have been brought to punish the journalists for their criticism of the authorities, in violation of the right to freedom of expression.

I am also deeply concerned about allegations that Mahabat was tortured or otherwise ill-treated in the pretrial detention center on April 5. The Office of the Ombudsman for Human Rights in Kyrgyzstan confirmed that prison guards beat her in her cell leaving her with bruises on her upper body. 

I urge you to immediately release and drop all charges against Makhabat Tazhibekkyzy, Aike Beishekeeva, and nine other journalists of “Temirov LIVE” and “Ayt Ayt Dese” media and enable them to continue their professional activities in Kyrgyzstan freely and without fear. Pending the release of Makhabat Tazhibek-kyzy and Aike Beishekeeva, I call on you to ensure they are protected from torture and other ill treatment in detention.

Yours sincerely,