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March 5, 2024

Ukrainian citizen, Oleksandr Marchenko, imprisoned in Russia on fabricated charges of espionage, continues to be harassed and ill-treated in custody. The penal authorities have intermittently placed Oleksandr Marchenko in punishment or confinement cells on spurious grounds and deny him contact with his partner. He has been regularly denied urgent health care which poses a risk to his life.

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contact information:

Mikhail Yurievich Filichev 

Prosecutor of the Republic of Buryatia 

23a, Borsoeva Street

g.Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia

Russian Federation

Fax: +7 3012 21-76-75; 21-14-10;21-44-98

Email: [email protected]

*Note: USPS will not send mail to Russia from the United States

Russian Embassy in the United States

Ambassador Anatoly I. Antonov

2650 Wisconsin Avenue,

NW, Washington DC 20007

Email: [email protected]

sample Letter:

Dear Prosecutor, 

I am deeply concerned about the ongoing persecution and harassment of Oleksandr Marchenko, a Ukrainian citizen, imprisoned on the fabricated charges of espionage and is currently serving his ten-year sentence.  

On January 3, 2024, the penal colony administration placed him in a punishment isolation cell (SHIZO) for a week. On January 10, they placed him in a confinement cell (PKT) for six months. The penal authorities have repeatedly subjected Oleksandr Marchenko to arbitrary disciplinary measures on spurious grounds. Furthermore, Oleksandr Marchenko is denied contact with his partner. The circumstances of his case and the manner of his treatment in the penal institutions give grounds to believe that he is being targeted for harsher treatment because of his citizenship.  

I am extremely concerned that repeated placement of Oleksandr Marchenko in punishment cells could lead to deterioration of his health. In 2016, Oleksandr Marchenko had his thyroid removed due to cancer. He requires daily medication, monthly blood tests, and other medical examinations once every three months. However, I understand that he is not provided with the health care he needs, while the vital medication must be supplied by his family at their own cost.

I urge you to initiate a review of the treatment of Oleksandr Marchernko in penal colonies in Buryatia, to ensure that he does not face disciplinary measures on spurious grounds, is provided with the health care he requires, and that his allegations of ill-treatment are promptly, effectively, and impartially investigated.  

Yours sincerely,