• Urgent Action


March 22, 2024

Court proceedings on the third and final bogus charge against human rights defender and former Philippine senator, Leila de Lima, are resuming in March, or four months after she was allowed to post bail in November 2023 that resulted in her temporary freedom. In granting de Lima’s petition for bail, the court said the allegations against her were weak. We call on the government to impartially review this last remaining charge, with a view to dropping this, and to hold accountable those responsible for her nearly seven years of arbitrary detention and other human rights violations against her.

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contact information:

Secretary Jesus Crispin C. Remulla

Department of Justice

Padre Faura Street, Ermita, Manila 10020

Republic of the Philippines

Email: [email protected]


[email protected]

Philippine Embassy in the United States

Ambassador Jose Manuel del Gallego Romualdez

1600 Massachusetts Avenue, NW,

Washington DC 20036

Email: [email protected]

sample letter:

Dear Secretary Remulla,

I welcomed the good news before the end of 2023 that human rights defender and former Philippine senator, Leila de Lima, was finally freed, although temporarily, after she was granted bail in the third and last fabricated charge against her. I remain concerned, however, as court proceedings for this final case are resuming in March, and she continues to face the risk of being sent back to prison solely for her human rights work. I write to urge your office to impartially review the last charge against her, with a view to dropping it, and put an end to her years of persecution. 

As of December 2023, at least 13 witnesses had retracted their testimony against de Lima, with the court also citing the weakness of the allegations against her as the basis for the granting of her bail petition last year. These retractions and the latest court decision are veritable proof of concerted efforts to fabricate evidence against de Lima and persecute her, which resulted in her arbitrary detention for nearly seven years and other human rights violations against her. 

I call on your office to drop the final fabricated case against de Lima and put an end to her years of persecution. I also call on your office to conduct thorough, independent, and impartial investigations into those responsible for her arbitrary detention and ensure full accountability for the years of human rights violations she endured. Finally, I urge you to work toward creating an environment that enables human rights defenders like Leila to carry out their important work, without fear of reprisals.

Yours sincerely,