May 24, 2017

Urgent Action: Fear For Hunger Strikers’ Well-being (Turkey: UA 107.17)


Academic Nuriye Gülmen and primary school teacher Semih Özakça, were remanded in Sincan prison, in Ankara, on 23 May. They are continuing a prolonged hunger strike to protest against the dismissal from their jobs. There are fears for their wellbeing including that they may be forced to end their hunger strike against their will.

Write a letter, send an email, call, fax or tweet:

  • Urging the Turkish authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça as they appear to be detained solely in connection to their peaceful protest;
  • Calling on them to ensure that they are protected from torture and other ill-treatment and that they have access to independent medical professionals to provide health care in compliance with medical ethics, including the principles of confidentiality, autonomy and informed consent;
  • Reminding them that they are engaging in a peaceful form of protest and the Turkish authorities have an obligation to respect their right to freedom of expression, including their right to protest

Contact these two officials by 5 July, 2017:

Minister of Justice
Mr Bekir Bozdağ
Ministry of Justice
Adalet Bakanlığı
06659 Ankara, Turkey
Fax: +90 (0)312 419 33 70
Email: [email protected]
Salutation: Dear Minister

Ambassador Serdar Kiliç, Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
2525 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington DC 20008
Phone: 1 202 612 6700 OR 202 612 6701
Fax: 1 202 612 6744
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @TurkishEmbassy
Salutation: Dear Ambassador

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