April 6, 2017

Urgent Action: Environmental Defender Intimidated (Guatemala: UA 85.17)



On the night of 3 April, unidentified people situated in front of human rights defender Rafael Maldonado’s house in Guatemala City, shot at a car nearby. Although he was unharmed, the defender believes the incident was intended to intimidate him and is concerned for his safety. 


Write a letter, send an email, call, fax or tweet:
  • Calling on the authorities to order an independent, thorough and impartial investigation into the incident of intimidation against Rafael Maldonado, make the results public and bring those responsible to justice; 
  • Urging them to take immediate steps to provide full and appropriate protection to Rafael Maldonado, in consultation with the defender and in accordance with his wishes;
  • Calling on them to publicly recognize the important and legitimate work of defenders working on land, territory and environmental issues.
Contact these two officials by 18 May, 2017:
Attorney General
Thelma Aldana
Fiscal General de la República
15 avenida 15-16 zona 1
Edificio Gerona 8º Nivel
Ciudad de Guatemala, 01001
Email: [email protected] 
Twitter: @MPguatemala
Salutation: Dear Attorney General/ Estimada Señora Fiscal 
Ministra Consejera Libna Bonilla
Embassy of Guatemala
2220 R St. NW, Washington DC 20008
T: 202.745.4953 -OR- 202.745.3873
Email: [email protected] -OR- [email protected]
Salutation: Dear Minister Counselor/Estimado Ministra Consejera
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