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Urgent Action: DEFENDERS SPIED BY AUTHORITIES (Mexico 47.24)

May 23, 2024

In 2016, staff of the Specialized Sub-Attorney General’s Office for Organized Crime Investigation (SEIDO) of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico (PGR), now the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime (FEMDO) of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico (FGR), illegally investigated and used targeted surveillance against human rights defenders, Ana Lorena Delgadillo, Marcela Turati, and Mercedes Doretti, in relation with their work with relatives of missing migrants in San Fernando, Tamaulipas. We urge Mexican authorities to stop any arbitrary and illegal investigation, targeted surveillance, and criminal action against them.


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contact information:

Attorney General of Mexico Alejandro Gertz Manero

Dr. Velasco, Número 175

Colonia Doctores, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc

06720 Mexico City


Twitter/X: @FGRMexico

Email: [email protected]

Mexican Embassy in the United States

Ambassador Esteban Moctezuma Barragán

1911 Pennsylvania Avenue,

NW, Washington DC 20006

Phone: (202) 728-1600

Email: [email protected]

sample letter:

Dear Attorney General of Mexico / Your Excellency,

I am concerned about the situation of human rights defender, Ana Lorena Delgadillo; journalist, Marcela Turati; and independent forensic expert, Mercedes Doretti, who were the object of an investigation and unlawful surveillance in 2016 within the file of those responsible for the massacre of 196 migrants found in 48 clandestine graves in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

Amnesty International has found that the authorities’ use of targeted surveillance against them was against international standards, as well as the domestic legislation. Notably, the decision was not based on reasonable suspicion with sufficient elements pointing to their involvement in organized crime and it did not comply with the requirement for warrants issued by an independent judicial authority. Surveillance against Ana Lorena, Marcela, and Mercedes raises fears that they may have been targeted for their human rights work and their critical opinions of the government.

I urge you to close any investigation against Ana Lorena Delgadillo, Marcela Turati, and Mercedes Doretti that stems from their human rights work and to put an end to any form of surveillance on them. I call on you as well to open a prompt, independent, and impartial investigation into the authorities involved in their criminalization and unlawful surveillance.

Yours sincerely,