• Urgent Action


December 14, 2023

On November 13, 69 people from “El Bosque” community (Tabasco) were forced to leave a temporary shelter in Frontera Village due to inhumane conditions and treatments. They were placed there temporarily after a tidal wave almost destroyed their community. Without access to income and resources, they are unable to pay rent and are therefore risking their lives through exposure to the extreme elements. The Mexican State must guarantee the human rights, including the rights to housing, adequate food, water and sanitation, and work and adequate standard of living, of the inhabitants of El Bosque, and immediately provide a participatory and fair relocation.

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Contact information:

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

President of México 

Plaza De La Constitución S/N Palacio Nacional,

Centro, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México,

México C.P. 06067

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @lopezobrador

Mexican Embassy in the United States

Ambassador Esteban Moctezuma Barragán

1911 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20006

Phone: (202) 728-1600

Email: [email protected]

sample letter:

Mr. President López Obrador,

I urge you to guarantee the human rights of the inhabitants of El Bosque community, in Tabasco. On November 1, they were evacuated due to a tidal wave caused by Cold Front 8 to a temporary shelter in “Frontera” village (12 km far from El Bosque). Most of the people lost their homes. Members of the community reported that on November 13, they were mistreated by personnel of the temporary shelter, and they did not receive food or water for a full day, which forced them to leave. 

Since then, most families of El Bosque have had to use their own scarce resources to rent a place, some others have borrowed rooms, and the people who do not have money to pay rent are in a situation of homelessness. In desperation, some people had to return to their community, despite it being uninhabitable due to losses and damage caused by from the cold front 8.

I urge you to immediately guarantee human rights, including the rights to housing, adequate food, water and work, and adequate standard of living, of the inhabitants of El Bosque, and to expedite as fast as possible the relocation process your government promised to the community in April 2023, which must be participatory and fair. I also urge your government to take adequate measures to reduce, mitigate and prevent the risks, losses and damage caused by the climate crisis.

Yours sincerely,