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April 23, 2024

On March 1, Zimbabwe’s government announced the Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) Amendment Bill 2024 to allegedly ‘curb money-laundering and financing of terrorism and to ensure that Non-Governmental Organizations do not undertake political lobbying.’ Following the President’s refusal to sign the PVO Amendment Bill 2021 and the subsequent lapse of the original Bill in August 2023, there was hope that the President had considered the submissions made by Civil Society Organizations in 2023. However, the new bill reflects that most of the issues raised were not addressed and it still contains provisions which will negatively impact civic space and threaten the continued existence and operations of Civil Society Organizations.

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contact information:

*Note: Some action takers have had their letters to this target returned

Speaker of Parliament

Jacob Francis Nzwidamilimo Mudenda

Parliament of Zimbabwe

Kwame Nkrumah & 3rd Street

Box CY 298 Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe

Email: [email protected]

Twitter/X: @ParliamentZim

Embassy of Zimbabwe in the United States

His Excellency Ambassador Tadeous T. Chifamba

1608 New Hampshire Avenue, NW,

Washington DC 20009

Email: [email protected]

sample letter:

Dear Hon. Jacob Francis Nzwidamilimo Mudenda,

I am concerned about the Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) Amendment Bill of 2024 and its implications to the work of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) and the rights to freedom of expression and association in Zimbabwe.

In November 2021, the authorities first announced the PVO Amendment Bill HB 10 of 2021. The government cited that the bill was to curb money-laundering and financing of terrorism and ensure that NGOs would not undertake political lobbying.

If signed into law, the 2024 PVO Amendment Bill would impose severe restrictions on the important work of civil society organizations in Zimbabwe. Currently, some provisions in the Bill give significant powers to the Minister and Registrar which could be used to interfere with the independence and operations of NGOs. The Bill must be dropped or amended to align with Zimbabwe’s human rights obligations.

I urge you to conduct a genuine public consultation and to remove any clauses in the PVO Amendment Bill 2024 that undermines the rights to freedom of association, freedom of expression, and the work of civil society organizations. I also urge you to ensure that consideration within this process is given to the recommendations made by civil society organizations.

Yours sincerely,