• Urgent Action


March 14, 2024

14-year-old climate activist, Leonela Moncayo, reported that on February 26, there was an explosion outside her home caused by an improvised explosive device. This happened five days after Leonela was stigmatized alongside eight other girls by the Minister of Energy and Mines in the National Assembly due to their activism against routine gas flaring. Leonela, her family, and eight other child activists may be at risk. We demand Ecuadorian authorities to effectively investigate what happened, refrain from stigmatizing child activists, and protect them so that they can carry out their work safely.  

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contact information:

Ms. General Attorney Diana Salazar

Juan León Mera N19-36 y Av. Patria,

Edificio Fiscalía General del Estado Quito

Quito, Ecuador

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

X (Twitter): @DianaSalazarM2

Ecuadorian Embassy in the United States

Ambassador Mrs. Ivonne A – Baki

2535 15th Street,

NW Washington, DC 20009

sample letter:

Ms. General Attorney Diana Salazar, 

I am gravely concerned about the situation suffered by the 14-year-old climate activist, Leonela Moncayo, and her family outside their house. On February 26, Leonela and her mother heard a noise in the yard of their house. When they went out to verify what happened, they observed abundant white smoke that smelled like pyrotechnics. After the smoke cleared, they saw an improvised explosive device made of quadua cane, paper, and a tube made of carion. I am concerned that this might be a threat and an act of intimidation against Leonela and her family’s climate justice activism.

Leonela is one of nine brave child climate activists from the Provinces of Sucumbíos and Orellana that achieved a historical ruling that obliges the Ecuadorian state to eliminate all gas flares that significantly contribute to the climate crisis and harm the health of fence line communities. On February 21, four of the nine plaintiff girls, including Leonela, went to a session in the Biodiversity Commission of the National Assembly of Ecuador to demand the compliance with the ruling, where they were stigmatized by the Minister of Energy and Mines, who insinuated the children “were manipulated” and said the “government has already complied the ruling”.

We urge you to investigate effectively, independently, and impartially the attack against Leonela Moncayo and her family. All people suspected of criminal liability must be brought to justice in fair trials. Further, I urge Ecuadorian authorities to refrain from stigmatizing the nine plaintiff girls, guaranteeing their security so that they can carry out their work in defense of human rights and the climate in a safe environment.

Yours sincerely,