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Urgent Action: ASYLUM SEEKERS DENIED SHELTER (Belgium 113.23)

December 19, 2023

In Belgium, at least 2,600 people seeking asylum are destitute due to the Belgian government’s failure to provide them with shelter and other essential goods and services. Many have no other choice than to sleep on the streets or in makeshift tents. With winter approaching, and temperatures , the federal government should immediately activate a ‘dispersal plan’ to provide adequate shelter to people seeking protection and comply with Belgium’s international human rights obligations.

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contact information:

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo

Wetstraat 16

1000 Brussels


Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @alexanderdecroo

Belgian Embassy in the United States

His Excellency Jean Arthur Regibeau

1430 K Street NW, Suite 101, Washington, D.C. 20005, United States

Phone: (202) 333-6900

Email: [email protected]

sample letter:

Dear Prime Minister, 

I am writing to express my concern about the Belgian government’s failure to provide shelter and other essential goods and services to people seeking asylum in Belgium, in violation of its international human rights obligations. As  a result of this failure, at least 2,600 people are destitute. With winter here, and temperatures plummeting, I am increasingly concerned for the health, safety, and welfare of these people who are denied shelter.  

The Belgian government has failed to provide a sufficient number of places for asylum seekers for more than two years, which has resulted in a reception crisis. Over this time, the government has been ordered more than 8,000 times by courts, including the European Court of Human Rights, to provide adequate shelter to asylum seekers. Yet the Belgian government refuses to comply with these rulings.

I urge you to take all necessary measures to end this reception crisis and the ongoing human rights violations of people seeking asylum in Belgium. This can be done by activating a dispersal plan, as introduced in Belgian law in 2015, which would result in additional reception capacity being provided across municipalities. If the dispersal plan is activated, it is essential that the federal government provides the necessary support to those local authorities that create additional reception places.

Yours sincerely,