May 9, 2016

Russian Federation: Release Dmitry Vorobyovsky (UA 109/16)

Activist Dmitry Vorobyovsky was forcibly taken from his home to the Voronezh Regional Neurological Dispensary on the evening of 6 May. Once there he underwent involuntary psychiatric treatment. His lawyer was unable to see him until 9 May in the morning and he has not been brought before a judge.
1) Please write immediately in Russian or your own language:
  • Urging the authorities to immediately bring Dmitry Vorobyovsky before a judge and examine the grounds for his forcible detention at the psychiatric hospital, or release him immediately as he is being detained in violation of Russian law and international standards;
  • Reminding the authorities that involuntary psychiatric treatment should only be used in cases of severe mental illness when it is likely that that person will cause immediate or imminent harm to themselves of others;
  • Demand an investigation into the circumstances of his detention by paramedics claiming to be gas workers and of his detention at a psychiatric institution, and into the involuntary administration of drugs, and bring anyone found responsible to account.
2) For the full Urgent Action, including appeal addresses and further information, please click on the Word or PDF version below.
3) Please let us know if you took action so that we can track our impact! 
  • EITHER send a short email to with "UA 109/16" in the subject line, and include in the body of the email the number of letters and/or emails you sent, 
  • OR fill out this short online form to let us know how you took action.