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All kids should be treated the same — with dignity and respect, no matter their immigration status. Children should be able to grow up with their families, friends and communities. Tell the U.S. government to stop detaining children on account of their immigration status and to stop using facilities like Homestead.

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No child should ever be detained because of their immigration status.

Our research found that children seeking safety in the U.S. were housed at a Homestead, Florida facility in conditions that did not meet U.S. or international standards, with no idea how long they would be kept there. It is never in the best interests of the child to be detained. Children deserve to be free and with their families.


Amnesty International is the world’s largest grassroots human rights movement, using research, government advocacy, public education, and activism to work towards a world where everyone can live free of violence and fear.

On World Children’s Day on November 20, Amnesty International activists around the world will drop banners in solidarity with children seeking safety.

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Amnesty is focused on the treatment of children seeking safety in the U.S. wherever they are — from Customs and Border Protection facilities at the border, to Office of Refugee Resettlement facility shelters to ICE family detention centers. Stand with asylum-seekers wherever they may be and join us.



In July, Amnesty International USA released a report that found that contrary to legal obligations, the U.S. was violating the rights of children by holding them at Homestead for longer than the 20 day limit provided under national legal standards and in circumstances that amounted to indefinite detention.

In October, Amnesty International USA released a briefing exposing how Comprehensive Health Services (CHS), the private contractor operating Homestead, is contributing to the U.S. government’s violations of children’s rights by running the center and providing core services enabling the government to detain children at Homestead.

In late October, it was reported that the U.S. government will not renew its contract with Comprehensive Health Services. However, the U.S. government seeks to keep the facility open, so it can detain children within days.