Thank you from Amnesty USA Executive Director, Paul O’Brien

Our world faced a lot of crisis this year. We documented war crimes in Ukraine and in Afghanistan. We came to the support of peaceful protesters all around the world who were standing up against autocrats and bullies and unaccountable regimes. We defended more than 6,000 human rights defenders in 62 countries.

With your support, we amplified their stories and their voices. We brought violators to justice. Despite the odds, we showed again and again and again that we are powerful. Whether we’re defending an individual at risk, or fighting against systemic change, our power at Amnesty is in our movement.

We do this work because you and I know that human rights are not up for negotiation. They’re universal. They belong to all of us. When we see them under attack, either here in the United States or anywhere around the world, we take action.

So whether you wrote a letter, or organized in your community, whether you donated, signed a petition, whether you got out on the streets and marched, know that YOU are the Amnesty movement. And thank you for being with us to make sure that every person can enjoy their human rights.