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Impending Saudi Arms Deal Would Trample Human Rights In Yemen

Amnesty International USA today urged the Senate to approve a resolution to block the impending arms sale to Saudi Arabia. The Senate is expected to vote on the measure today.…

June 8, 2017
MSF supported hospital bombed by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Haydan in Sa'da. The small hospital, in the Haydan district in Saada Province, was hit by several airstrikes beginning at 22:30 last night. Hospital staff and two patients managed to escape before subsequent airstrikes occurred over a two hour period. One staff member was slightly injured while escaping. With the hospital destroyed, at least 200,000 people now have no access to lifesaving medical care.

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Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal is Unconscionable

Responding to the news that President Trump has finalized an arms deal with Saudi Arabia during his trip to the country, Margaret Huang, Amnesty International USA executive director, released the…

May 20, 2017


These Senators are sick of US bombs killing civilians

In a sign of growing concern regarding the U.S.-Saudi Arabia military alliance, 27 U.S. Senators recently backed legislation to stop a $1.15 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia. Sen. Chris…

October 4, 2016

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Suspend Saudi Arabia from UN Human Rights Council

Saudi Arabia has committed “gross and systematic violations of human rights” abroad and at home, and used its position on the UN Human Rights Council to effectively obstruct justice for…

June 27, 2016