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Egyptian Protests Day 3: Next Steps

Amid the third day of protests in Egypt, casualties and detentions are increasing: Today the brunt seems to be in the Suez region where Twitter reports indicate live ammo is…

January 27, 2011


Lost in Iraq

Walid Yunis Ahmad is quite possibly the longest serving detainee in Iraq. He is a member of the marginalized Turkoman minority and has been imprisoned in Irbil, Northern Iraq, without…

December 2, 2010


Desmond Tutu, Iraqi Prisons Scandal, and More

The winter issue of the members-only Amnesty International magazine is coming soon! You'll find in depth analysis of the Iraqi prisons scandal, a special essay by Desmond Tutu, and lots…

November 16, 2010


Aung San Suu Kyi Finally Free!

We are thrilled that Aung San Suu Kyi was finally released today in Myanmar after seven and a half years of house arrest.

November 13, 2010


Prison Lobby's Ties to Arizona Anti-Immigration Law

NPR revealed that Arizona's draconian immigration law, SB1090, was written in collusion with for-profit prisons and their lobbyists. The massive growth in immigration detention may be terrific for business, but…

October 28, 2010


Iraq's Apt Pupils

The publication yesterday by Wikileaks of almost 400,000 classified documents relating to US operations in Iraq has reinforced the claims made in Amnesty’s recent report “New Order Same Abuses: Unlawful…

October 24, 2010


Congress Seeks to Improve Prison Conditions Around the World

For years, we’ve documented horrendous conditions in prisons all around the world in our Annual Report. Detainees are often held in inhumane prison conditions, including overcrowding and inadequate food, water…

October 4, 2010


Former Prisoner of Conscience Releases Film, Tibet in Song

Former Prisoner of Conscience Ngawang Choephel's beautiful documentary, Tibet in Song, opens September 24th. Tibet in Song is both a celebration of traditional Tibetan folk music and a harrowing journey…

September 23, 2010