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Death penalty 2018: Dramatic fall in global executions

Global executions fell by almost one-third last year to the lowest figure in at least a decade, Amnesty International said in its 2018 global review of the death penalty published today. The statistics assess known executions worldwide except in China, where figures thought to be in their thousands remain classified as a state secret. Following …

Urgent Action

Urgent Action: Tortured Conservationists Face Death Penalty (Iran: UA 33.19)

Eight detained conservationists could face the death penalty or long prison sentences, following a grossly unfair trial in which they were accused of trumped-up spying charges. Their charges stem solely from their conservation activities including carrying out research into Iran’s endangered wildlife. They have said they were subjected to torture and other ill-treatment.


Opposition leader and more than a hundred supporters face the death penalty in Cameroon

Opposition leader Maurice Kamto will today be summoned by a military court on charges which carry the death penalty, as the Cameroonian authorities intensify their post-election crackdown on critics. Kamto, the president of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (Mouvement pour la Renaissance du Cameroun-MRC) is the first of a group of 131 people arbitrarily arrested last …

Urgent Action

Urgent Action: Saudi Activists Face the Death Penalty (Saudi Arabia: UA 201.18)

Saudi activist Israa al-Ghomgham and four other individuals on trial at the Specialized Criminal Court (SCC) face the death penalty for charges related to their participation in peaceful protests.

October 11, 2018 • Press Release

Washington Becomes the 20th State to Abolish the Death Penalty  

Reacting to news that the Washington State Supreme Court has ruled the death penalty violates its Constitution, Kristina Roth, Senior Program Officer at Amnesty International USA stated: “This is tremendous news for all who fought to abolish the death penalty in Washington. Now that Washington has become the 20th state to end the ultimate cruel, inhuman, and …

September 13, 2018 • Press Release

Amnesty International USA Will Continue Its Fight for New Hampshire to Abolish the Death Penalty

Reacting to news that the New Hampshire state legislature has failed to override the Governor’s veto, which would have ended the death penalty in New Hampshire once and for all, Kristina Roth, Senior Program Officer at Amnesty International USA stated: “The death penalty is the ultimate denial of human rights. It is a cruel, inhuman …


The Death Penalty in Florida


Florida’s diehard pursuit of the death penalty is a blot on the Sunshine State

Florida’s approach to the death penalty is deepening its outlier status on this human rights issue and has now added an extra layer of arbitrariness to its already discriminatory and error-prone capital justice system, Amnesty International said in a new report released today.  “While several US states have embraced abolition in recent years, Florida remains a diehard proponent of …

Urgent Action

Urgent Action Update: Detained Religious Teacher Faces Death Penalty (Sudan: UA 70.18)

Matar Younis Ali Hussein, a religious teacher who has a visual disability, has been formally charged with three offences under the 1991 Penal Code. Two of the offences put him at risk of facing the death penalty or life imprisonment in Sudan. Matar Younis was arrested on 1 April apparently because of his criticism of the government’s policy in Darfur. He remains at risk of torture and other ill-treatment while in detention.

Urgent Action

Urgent Action Update: Governor Vetoes Abolition of Death Penalty (USA: UA 84.18)

We have received updated information regarding this case and require no further action from the Urgent Action Network. Thank you to all those who sent appeals. For more information about this case, please see the Word/PDF attachments below or email [email protected] ADDITIONAL RESOURCES READ THE FULL URGENT ACTION: Word or PDF GET INSPIRED: Read about …