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Maryland Abolition Takes Another Step Forward

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has announced, via a Washington Post article among other places, that he intends to personally sponsor a death penalty repeal bill and will “do ‘everything in…

January 16, 2009


An Impending Three-Month Spree

[caption id="attachment_747" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Execution witness viewing room (c) Scott Langley "][/caption] Starting tomorrow (Jan. 14), Texas will embark on a three-month spree of executions in which 14 men (one…

January 13, 2009


Texas' Reluctant Jurors

Today, Time wonders if Texas is "Changing its Mind About the Death Penalty." There is ample evidence that something is happening.  According to the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death…

December 23, 2008


Our Top 10 Wins of 2008

Thank you Amnesty International activists for all of your important work this year! Your activism has led to some major advances in human rights in our battles against torture, violence…

December 19, 2008


New Jersey: One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, Dec. 17, 2007, New Jersey Gov. John Corzine signed into law the bill abolishing the death penalty in New Jersey.  It was the first time in…

December 17, 2008


Human Rights Made Whole

Yesterday, the U.N. General Assembly marked Human Rights Day by unanimously adopting the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (OP-ICESCR). This historic step fills in…

December 12, 2008


Maryland Commission Calls for Abolition

Today, the Maryland Commission on Capital Punishment made it official, formally recommending in its Final Report that Maryland repeal the death penalty. The report’s final recommendation concludes: “For all of…

December 12, 2008


Capital Punishment Slowing Down

The Death Penalty Information Center has released its Year End Report (pdf) for 2008.  It reveals clearly that the trend towards growing skepticism and diminishing (and more regional) use of…

December 11, 2008


Is it worth the risk, Maryland?

When testifying before state lawmakers in 2007, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley asked “Can the death penalty ever be justified as public policy when it inherently necessitates the occasional taking of…

December 2, 2008


Washington Execution Stayed

Two separate courts (a County Superior court and a Federal District court) have issued stays of execution for Darold Stenson, who was scheduled to be put to death by the…

November 26, 2008