The Rohingya Crisis

Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images
Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images

Stop the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar now.

Ongoing crimes against humanity have forced over 688,000 Rohingya to flee their homes.

The Problem

The Rohingya people in Myanmar are being subjected to a devastating campaign of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the Myanmar military. More than 688,000 people have fled Myanmar since August 2017, with several hundred continuing to flee every week to neighboring countries including Bangladesh, India, and Thailand.

An unknown number have been killed, women and girls have been raped, at times in front of their families, and entire villages have been burnt to the ground–human rights violations amounting to crimes against humanity.

Myanmar’s authorities have confined the Rohingya to what is effectively an open-air prison through a vicious system of institutionalised discrimination and segregation that severely restricts their human rights-treatment amounting to apartheid.

Now, five months after the Myanmar military unleashed its brutal campaign, Myanmar’s security forces are building on entrenched patterns of abuse to silently squeeze out of the country as many of the remaining Rohingya as possible. Without more effective international action, this ethnic cleansing campaign will continue its disastrous march.
This is a pivotal moment-the U.S. government and the international community must respond decisively and stand alongside those fleeing persecution and violence.

Tell Congress: Help Stop the Violence

Send a message or Call urging Congress to pass The Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act of 2017 (S. 2060) and the BURMA Act of 2017 (H.R. 4223). These bipartisan bills will help bring about an end to the violence against the Rohingya by:

  • Prohibiting certain military to military cooperation with Myanmar including exchanges and training programs.
  • Calling on Myanmar to provide unfettered access to northern Rakhine state for a U.N. fact-finding mission and all humanitarian aid groups.
  • Urging Myanmar authorities to implement all the recommendations set forth by the Kofi Annan Commission including recognition of citizenship to the Rohingya.
  • Urging regional authorities to protect Rohingya refugees from being subjected to unsafe, involuntary, or uninformed repatriation.

Tell Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hliang: Stop the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar now!

Shielded by official denials and lies, and a concerted effort to deny access to independent investigators, Myanmar’s military continues to get away with crimes against humanity. Join us in demanding that the military put a stop to the ongoing crimes against humanity.

Take action in your community

We need to build a U.S. movement against the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. You can start by using our Answering the Atrocities Myanmar toolkit. We’re asking students and community members to join in our calls on Congress and the Myanmar military-to make it clear that we won’t stop until the violence ends.

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