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The State of the World’s Human Rights: April 2024

Amnesty International USA hosted a visual stunt to call on President Biden to demand a ceasefire now. The installation represented corpses of 300+ infants, children and adults in white body bags/sheets laid out in front of the White House. The stunt was conducted in partnership with Avaaz.
(Lauren Murphy/Amnesty International USA)

Each year, Amnesty International documents the state of the world’s human rights. Our research reveals that, across the world, authorities continue to assault universal freedoms. States and armed groups are breaking and bending the rules of war and racism lies at the heart of some armed conflicts and the responses to them. Economic crises, climate change and environmental degradation have disproportionately affected marginalized communities. Human rights defenders campaigning for the rights of these communities are targeted as part of a wider repression of dissent. The backlash has intensified against the rights of women and girls and LGBTI people. Incitement to hatred and other harmful content posted online against some racialized groups have increased. Meanwhile, advances in artificial intelligence are used to limit freedoms and violate human rights.

This report documents human rights concerns during 2023 in 155 countries, connecting issues at global and regional levels and looking forward to the implications for the future. It calls for action and shows what steps governments and others can take to meet these challenges and improve people’s lives across the world. It makes essential reading for government leaders, policymakers, advocates, activists and anyone interested in human rights.