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State of the World 2012

Policemen Man-handle Activist in Azerbaijan
Three policemen man-handle a political activist during a protest in Baku

The Amnesty International Report 2012 documents the state of human rights during 2011. In five regional overviews and a country-by-country survey of 155 individual countries and territories, the report shows how the demand for human rights continued to resound in every corner of the globe.

Millions took to the streets of their towns and cities in a mass outpouring of hope for freedom and justice. Even the most brutal repression seemed unable to silence the increasingly urgent demands for an end to tyranny as people showed they were no longer willing to endure systems of governance that were not built on accountability, transparency, justice and the promotion of equality.

Resistance to injustice and repression took many forms, often inspiring acts of enormous courage and determination from the communities and individuals facing seemingly insuperable obstacles. In the face of indifference, threats and attacks, human rights defenders pursued legal challenges at the national and international level to long-standing impunity and endemic discrimination.

This report reflects an approach to tackling human rights abuses that is informed by both the challenges and the opportunities for change. As Amnesty International moves into its sixth decade, this report bears witness not only to the plight of those living in the shadow of human rights violations, but also to those who continue to be inspired to action by the principle of human dignity.