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Out of control: Torture and other ill-treatment in Mexico

September 26, 2014

This report is the result of several years' research on reports of torture and ill-treatment in different regions of the country. There are grave concerns about the critical conditions facing people held on remand or after sentencing in many of Mexico's prisons. However, the focus of this report is torture and other ill-treatment that occur in the initial period of detention.

The report focuses principally on a number of cases documented by Amnesty International in the last two years in the Federal District and the states of Chihuahua, Baja California and the State of Mexico. This report also includes cases from other states documented with the assistance of local human rights organizations. Where possible researchers obtained court documents and other official reports related to cases and submitted a series of Freedom of Information Act requests to the authorities. Researchers interviewed victims, relatives and lawyers and consulted local and national human rights commissions, as well as civil society organizations and independent medical and legal experts. Amnesty International also spoke to government officials and representatives of the federal and state prosecution services, including forensic officials, the judiciary and the national and state human rights commissions. The contribution of all these individuals and organizations were invaluable in preparing this report.

Amnesty International wishes to thank the Mexican government for its willingness to meet the organization's delegates and provide information. In particular, the assistance of the Office of the Deputy Federal Attorney General for Human Rights in facilitating Amnesty International's access to some forensic files on possible cases of torture or other ill-treatment was invaluable.

Amnesty International wishes to also thank the many non-governmental human rights organizations and lawyers who shared their experience and knowledge, in particular organizations based in Mexico City; Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua state; and Tijuana, Baja California state.

Amnesty International hopes that this report will support the determined efforts of the many victims of torture and their relatives who continue to fight for justice.