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Exploited Labor: Migrant Workers in Italy’s Agricultural Sector


The agricultural sector in Italy is heavily reliant on migrant workers. According to official data, migrant workers provide nearly a quarter of the days worked overall in this sector. The real figure is probably significantly higher. 

However, some migrant workers are paid as little as €25 for a day’s work and live in derelict buildings and makeshift shelters without running water, electricity or heating.
This report focuses on the violation of labor rights of migrant workers in the areas of Latina and Caserta. It documents widespread labor exploitation, including wages below minimum standards, arbitrary reductions, delays or non-payment of wages and long hours of work.
Amnesty International demonstrates that Italian migration policy increases the vulnerability of migrant workers, especially irregular migrants, to labor exploitation. At the same time, Italian legislation creates obstacles to access to justice for migrant workers and offers them inadequate protection. Amnesty International urges the Italian government to revise its migration policy and legislation to ensure that the rights of all workers are fulfilled, respected, protected and promoted.