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UN: Breakthrough resolution establishes expert group to investigate violations in Yemen

September 29, 2017

A resolution passed by the UN Human Rights Council today, mandating a group of international experts to investigate abuses by all parties to the conflict in Yemen, is a momentous breakthrough that will pave the way for justice for countless victims of human rights abuses and grave violations of international law, including war crimes, said Amnesty International.

The resolution was passed today by consensus, after intensive negotiations. It is the result of years of campaigning and lobbying by Yemeni human rights organizations as well as Amnesty International and other international organizations.

“This resolution is a victory for Yemenis whose suffering at the hands of all parties to the conflict in Yemen has been overlooked by the international community. The resolution offers hope for those seeking justice and can serve as a stepping stone towards accountability,” said Anna Neistat, Amnesty International’s Senior Director for Research.

“By passing this resolution today, the Human Rights Council has finally responded to the repeated calls of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and national and international rights groups to establish an investigative mechanism into violations of international law in Yemen. Given the long delay, it is imperative that the group of experts is established as soon as possible and given adequate resources to get to work without delay, and that it receives full cooperation from all parties to the conflict.”

“Although the campaign has been long and there have been many obstacles along the way, today’s resolution is a clear reminder that when the Human Rights Council member states fulfil their responsibility to place human rights ahead of political interests they are able to pave the way for perpetrators of atrocities to be held accountable. It also sends an unequivocal message to all parties to the conflict in Yemen – that their conduct will be scrutinized and the abuses they commit will not go unpunished.”