Bangladesh The Most Vulnerable Country To Climate Change

4 villagers on bicycles seen on a dried river bed

SATKHIRA, BANGLADESH – JANUARY 21: Local villagers seen on the dried river bed on January 12, November 2015 in Satkhira, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable continental countries to climate change. Sea level rising, tropical cyclones, river erosion, flood, landslides and drought defeating Bangladeshs coast and destroying land and homes. More than 10 million people in Bangladesh are exposed to sea-level rise, their lives and livelihoods at varying degrees of risk. At least 19.3 million people worldwide were driven from their homes by natural disasters last year, 90 percent of which were related to weather events, according to the Geneva-based Internal Displacement Monitoring Center. A new World Bank study using ‘uniquely rich data’ that combines information on health, social and environmental conditions, and micro-climates says climate change in Bangladesh is ‘an additional stress-or that is expected to increase the burden of diseases, resulting in increased morbidity and mortality’.

PHOTOGRAPH BY Zakir Hossain Chowdhury / Barcroft Media

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