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Texas Violently Strips Away Right To Abortion

September 1, 2021

(@ Elijah Nouvelage via Getty Images)
Responding to Texas law TX SB8 going into effects, which bans the right of people to seek an abortion at the six-week mark, before many are aware of their pregnancies, Tarah Demant, the director of the Gender, Sexuality and Identity Program at Amnesty International USA, said:

“This ban will have dire consequences; it endangers pregnant people’s lives, and criminalizes healthcare providers for providing vital care – it must be condemned unequivocally for undoing decades of safeguards for the well-being of pregnant people.

“The only person who should ever make decisions about a pregnancy is the pregnant person. Yet this ban violently strips away people’s decision to do so even before most realize that they are pregnant. What is at stake with this law and those like it is the human right of people to control their own bodies. Amnesty International USA strongly condemns the bill and calls on government to protect the rights of pregnant people, including the right to abortion.”

Amnesty International recognizes abortion as the right of anyone who can become pregnant, based on the recognition that decisions around pregnancy and abortion directly impact the full spectrum of human rights of pregnant individuals.

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