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Syria: Shutting down of internet and mobile networks alarming development

November 29, 2012

News that communications are being targeted by the Syrian authorities raises the alarming prospect that they are seeking to prevent the world from learning what is happening amid increasingly intense fighting in Damascus, Amnesty International said.

“As fighting intensifies, particularly around Damascus, we are extremely worried that the news that internet and mobile phone services appear to have been cut throughout Syria may herald the intention of the Syrian authorities to shield the truth of what is happening in the country from the outside world,” said Ann Harrison, Deputy Programme Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa programme.

“Once again, we call on all sides to the conflict to make the protection of civilians their top priority, and to respect international humanitarian law.

“It is time to stop war crimes and crimes against humanity, not to commit them behind a wall of silence. Anyone committing such acts should know that they will be held accountable in the future.”