• Press Release

State Department Must Not Neglect Women’s Rights

February 22, 2018

Contact: Nidya Sarria, [email protected]

According to reports, the human rights bureau at the Department of State has received a directive to remove passages on women’s reproductive rights and discrimination from its annual report on global human rights. Tarah Demant, director of gender, sexuality, and identity at Amnesty International USA, issued the following statement:

“Reproductive rights are human rights. This development is a transparent attempt by the Trump administration to not only deprioritize reproductive rights, but effectively erase them from the broader conversation on human rights. We must not let this attack on basic rights go unchallenged.”

This directive is the latest in a string of attacks on reproductive rights and women’s rights and health by the Trump administration, including the President’s signing and implementation of the greatly expanded and harmful global gag rule.