• Press Release

Response to the International Criminal Court (ICC) proposal to hold confirmation of charges hearings in Kenya

June 14, 2011

“Amnesty International fully supports the ICC proposal to hold the confirmation of charges hearings in Kenya,” said Michelle Kagari, Amnesty International’s deputy Africa director.
“The proposal to hold hearings in Kenya, if implemented, would bring justice closer to victims and their relatives, and locally affected communities. It would not impinge at all the right to fair trial of those accused by the Prosecutor,” said Michelle Kagari.
According to Amnesty International the ICC should consider holding such hearings and trials in the states where the crimes were committed so that justice could be served closer to the victims.
Amnesty International is aware of concerns expressed about the security of victims and witnesses in Kenya. The organization is calling on the ICC and the Kenyan authorities to make sure that security of the proceedings, victims and witnesses is assured.