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Raising U.S. Refugee Quota is Welcome Step

May 27, 2017



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NEW YORK – In response to reports that the State Department is raising the number of refugees accepted into the U.S., Amnesty International USA’s executive director, Margaret Huang, released the following statement:

“If true, this is a welcome step back from the Trump administration’s relentless assault on the rights of those fleeing horrific violence. We hope it’s a sign that the U.S. may be willing to recognize its responsibility during this unprecedented global refugee crisis. People who have lost everything deserve a chance to rebuild their lives safely the same way all of us would need to if we were in this horrible situation.”

Rather than following President Trump’s budget proposal which would slash funding for refugee resettlement, AIUSA is calling on Congress to continue current funding levels and support settling at least 75,000 refugees in the U.S. in 2018.