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Protests on Second Night of Democratic National Convention Largely Peaceful

July 27, 2016

(PHILADELPHIA, PA)– Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) deployed human rights observers to monitor protests at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH, last week and at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA, this week. Following is a statement from Eric Ferrero, Deputy Executive Director for Strategic Communications and Digital Initiatives at AIUSA:

“Amnesty International's independent human rights observers monitored several protests and marches across Philadelphia on Tuesday. Our goal is to help ensure that all people's right to protest is protected. The protests Tuesday appeared largely peaceful, and police observed by Amnesty International appeared to protect people's right to protest safely.” 

“Protests that Amnesty International's observers saw outside the convention center on Tuesday night became tense at times, and there was a heavy police presence. Amnesty International's observers saw protesters climb a fence outside the convention center, and several appeared to be detained by police. Amnesty International is still gathering information about those circumstances.” 

“Throughout the day and into the night, Amnesty International's observers noted that police secured march routes and took steps to ensure the safety of protesters and the public. The observers also noted an apparent lack of coordination among some police officers they spoke to Monday and Tuesday.” 

“Amnesty International's human rights observers will monitor protests Wednesday and Thursday in Philadelphia, just as they monitored protests last week in Cleveland.”

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