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President Trump’s Proposed Budget is a Minefield for Human Rights

March 16, 2017

©Alex Wong/Getty Images
In response to President Trump’s proposed federal budget, Amnesty International USA’s executive director, Margaret Huang, released the following statement:

“With this proposal, President Trump is asking Congress to fund walling off our southern border, locking up more asylum seekers, and expanding the country’s military. Instead of leading on human rights, President Trump’s message to the rest of the world is one of indifference and hostility.

“The president is not just slamming the door to those who most need our help but is cracking down on U.S. foreign aid and obligations across the board. Cutting funding to the United Nations and agencies it supports will gut development aid, humanitarian programs and peacekeeping missions in countries where millions of lives are at risk. The Trump administration’s outright rejection of being a leader on human rights is shameful and will have global consequences.”