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President Trump to Impose Yet More Restrictions on Refugees, Leaving Thousands in Peril

October 23, 2017

As his original 120-day ban on refugees expires tomorrow, President Trump Administration is expected to announce additional restrictions on refugees and a cap of 45,000 as the number of refugees admitted – policies that will leave thousands of people in danger.

“This announcement puts thousands of families and individuals at serious risk of injury or death,” said Naureen Shah, senior director of campaigns at Amnesty International USA. “The people who will be hurt by this were on the brink of finding safety, and now they’re instead thrown into harm’s way again. Ripping families apart and subjecting refugees to yet more scrutiny does not keep anyone safer, and in fact exposes more people to danger. The Trump administration’s cruel policies are fueling an already vicious humanitarian crisis.”

After imposing the refugee ban that effectively halved the Obama administration’s projected 2017 numbers from 110,000 to 55,000, President Trump has capped refugee admissions for next year at 45,000 – compared to the historic average of 85,000 a year. In raw numbers, the U.S. will have taken in 97,000 fewer refugees since 2016.

The House will hold a hearing on refugees this Thursday, which could present even more restrictions on refugee intakes.