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India: Amnesty International condemns bomb attacks in Delhi

March 27, 2011


Public Statement

AI Index: ASA 20/038/2005 (Public)
News Service No: 293
31 October 2005

India: Amnesty International condemns bomb attacks in Delhi

Amnesty International condemns in the strongest possible terms the multiple bombings that took place on Saturday, 29 October in the Indian capital of Delhi, claiming more than 60 lives and injuring more than 200 people.

Amnesty International’s thoughts and sympathies are with the victims of these senseless and horrific attacks, which took place in crowded market-places and busy public spaces frequented by locals and tourists during the run-up to a major festival.

Amnesty International notes that no ideology could ever justify such deliberate attacks on civilians; targeting people going about their daily business shows complete contempt for the most fundamental principles of humanity.

To the extent that these bombings are part of a widespread attack on the civilian population, they would doubtless constitute a crime against humanity. Those responsible must be brought to justice in proceedings that meet international standards of fairness, and without the imposition of the death penalty.