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Georgia Set to Execute Intellectually Disabled Man Whose Lawyer Slept During Trial

April 12, 2016

JACKSON, Ga. – The state of Georgia is scheduled to execute Kenneth Fults this evening at 7:00 p.m. despite concerns about Fults’ mental state, racial bias, and lack of adequate representation during his trial. Fults has an IQ of 74 and several jurors have said that his lawyer was sleeping during the proceedings.

One juror signed a sworn statement eight years after the fact saying “I don’t know if he ever killed anybody, but that nigger got just what should have happened. Once he pled guilty, I knew I would vote for the death penalty because that’s what the nigger deserved.”

“Mr. Fults’ death sentence is tainted by undeniable racism,” said James Clark, senior death penaltycampaigner with Amnesty. “This case shows the fundamental flaws in the death penalty system. Georgia authorities must halt this execution immediately and end the death penalty once and for all.”

Fults was convicted of murdering Cathy Bonds in her home in May 1997.