• Press Release

Decision to Close Immigration Services Abroad Could Keep Families Apart and Devastate Thousands of People

March 12, 2019

In response to reports regarding the imminent closure of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Amnesty International USA tactical campaigns manager Ashley Houghton issued this statement:

“This administration will stop at nothing to demonize immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers. The decision to close immigration services abroad is a yet another devastating blow to thousands of individuals and families around the world hoping to come to the US. This outrageous closure will unjustly impact refugees fleeing violence and persecution as well as block people from reuniting with their family in the United States.

“Preventing people from using legal avenues to come to the United States is bigoted and malicious, demonstrating that President Trump’s imagined immigration crisis is built on discriminatory stereotypes that have nothing to do with the law. The real crisis is the administration’s cruel decision to slam our doors on people trying to rebuild their lives.”