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As Election Season Nears End, New Amnesty International USA Ad Raises Alarm About the Future of the United States

October 26, 2020

Sunday’s full-page ad in The Washington Post warns government officials that many are watching with grave concern.

In a new full-page ad in The Washington Post, Amnesty International USA (AIUSA) is sending an open letter to all U.S. federal, local, and state officials raising grave concern over the state of human rights in the country. The open letter identifies the widespread availability of guns, combined with the incitement to violence and the failure of government officials at the highest levels to call out white supremacy, as having left the country vulnerable to those who would foster inequity over fairness, hate over unity, and impunity over injustice. 

Citing reports done by AIUSA and other groups on human rights abuses in the United States, the ad accuses many government officials of being complicit in human rights violations, stating: “Many of you are directly responsible. Others have done too little or nothing at all to stop these abuses.” 

Demanding that all United States officials uphold their human rights obligations under international law, the ad calls for: 

  • Freedom from racism, discrimination and hate 
  • Freedom to peacefully protest and dissent 
  • Freedom from police violence and gun violence 
  • Freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention 
  • Freedom of the press to investigate and report the truth 
  • Freedom from armed intimidation at the polls

The ad is part of the organization’s Defend Freedom campaign mobilizing its 10 million supporters worldwide to prevent and stop human rights violations in the lead up to and aftermath of the U.S. election and possible government transition. 

Amnesty International takes no position for or against any political ideology, party, candidate, or official. The organization’s sole purpose is the promotion and defense of freedom, equality, justice, dignity, and human rights worldwide.

Who: Amnesty International USA 

What: Full page ad in The Washington Post on human rights abuses in the United States 

When: Sunday, October 25th